About Cocona Care


It started with a childhood memory of our founder, Sri Lestari. Grew up in Javanese family who respects the nature as a part of their life. She remembered her mother always applied coconut oil to her long hair. It’s her mother’s advice that makes her includes coconut oil in her daily routines; for body moisturizer, hair conditioning and healing purposes.

When she becomes a mother, Tari realized the true power of coconut oil – especially virgin coconut oil that also known as ‘miracle oil’. From the legacy of Javanese tradition, nature wisdom and knowledge of modern lifestyle, Tari created Cocona Care in 2007.

Today, with the same love and creativity, Cocona Care has expanded their product line to include a delightful natural body care products using Virgin Coconut Oil and local natural ingredients


Living in a tropical country, makes us feel very familiar to the coconut tree. Coconut tree embodies the power of mind, body, and soul. The outer skin, flesh and water of the coconut fruit symbolize the human body. While the milk extracted from the coconut meat symbolizes the human heart or mind. Further processing produces coconut oil, which represents the human spirit or soul. 

Therefore, since thousands of years ago, the coconut tree is known as the “tree of life” which provides variety of benefits, ranging from the branches, stems, fruit, and also produces coconut oil. Coconut oil is considered as “the healthiest oil on earth” because it has healing properties for a multiple of diseases and body treatment used for generations in the tropical communities of the Asia Pacific region. This has been one of the inspirations for Cocona Care to use VCO as the main ingredients for our natural beauty and body care products.