Satiation: The Key to Weight Loss

Satiation: The Key to Weight Loss

When you consistently use coconut oil and other healthy fats, you provide vital nutrition to every cell in your body, nutrition that supports optimal function of your nerves, brain, hormones, immune system, and metabolism. But beyond that, you trigger a powerful mechanism that is key to success in permanent weight loss: satiation

Satiation is the feeling of full and satisfied after eating. Hunger is an indication that our bodies are not being fed correctly either in quantity or quality. The proper amounts and quality of fat and protein provide our bodies with the necessary energy to run properly, and keep our cravings in check. Unlike most edible oils, which are made up of long chain fatty acids (LCFAs), coconut oil contains primarily of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These shorter chain fatty acids are absorbed quickly and are sent directly to the liver where they are almost entirely burned for fuel.

When you eat coconut and other healthy fats, your body actually produces a hormone in the stomach and small intestine that signals that you’ve eaten enough. When you feel satisfied, cravings and the persistent hunger you experience on most diets are banished. An added bonus is that many health problems will resolve themselves and you will have more energy and a more optimistic attitude toward life. Coconut oil also elevates your metabolic rate it makes many people feel more energetic as well as helping them to remain leaner.

Satiation is a truly revolutionary weight-loss concept. By feeding your body the healthy fats it needs, you wont feel hungry, you wont need to deny yourself, and you wont even want to overeat empty calories from your food cravings.


*) Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

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